Want to lose volume on my butt after BBL.

I know it may sound crazy but i do want to lose volume on my butt. My butt is bigger than what i asked for and i'm kind of frustrated. What is the best to way to keep my butt still even and round and lose some volume? I asked my doctor but i'm here for a second opinion. Please advise. Thank you.

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Reduction After BBL?

Thank you for your question!  If you are unhappy with the result of your butt I advise you too consult with your doctor on alternative options.  Also working out and loosing weight will help the size of your butt decrease.  When you gain weight the fat cells grow, when you loose weight the fat cells will get smaller.  Best of luck!

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Reduction after BBL

The most simplistic answer to your question is liposuction.

You should not have any revision procedure within the first 6 to 9 months after fat transfer.

It should be possible to maintain roughly the same shape but make your bottom smaller with liposuction.

These are general statements and an impression of valuation or at minimum photographs are required to give a more detailed and accurate assessment.

As you are probably aware of your situation is not common but people complaining that they did not achieve enough volume for a BBL happens regularly.

Most plastic surgeons showed and do overtreat to some degree when performing a BBL with the anticipation of patients loosing a substantial amount of volume overtime.

Revisions should be done only after a sufficient amount of time has passed

Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Butt volume after BBL

I would not necessarily say it sounds crazy, but unusual. Brazilian butt lift has a very high satisfaction potential for suitable patients, and to my experience most patients are so happy with the volume shift that they may ask for more, but not less.

The big question is how long has it been since your surgery ? Volume tends to be stable after 1-2 months. Before that, just wait for the swelling to go down.

Alexander Aslani, MD
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