How frequent are severe infections casused by BBL?

In octubre i going to have a bbl procedure . The last year I had a kidney infection , but was solved quickly and well. Now I took all my urine tests , lab work and EKG and everything is ok according to my familiar doctor and my surgeon . But I'm afraid that I could develop a stronge infection :(. I have herpes simplex as well ,but I haven't had any active lesion for a long time .

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As long as all your blood work and everything has come back okay, chance of an infection should be low. This also depends on the facility as well and how sanitary it is kept.

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How frequent are severe infections caused by BBL?

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   Although these may be very rare, they do occur and they may occur more often in certain areas.  It is critical to be able to have access to your surgeon through email or similar medium so that intervention can occur as rapidly as possible.

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