I have a very lumpy stomach after lipo surgery. How can I obtain a smooth stomach? (photo)

After lipo surgery 7 weeks ago my abdomen is very lumpy. I have been wearing the compression garment 24/7 and in the past 2 weeks had endermologie treatments. My doctor is now suggesting Velashape. What more can I do and can I expect a smooth stomach at some point?

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Liposuction Results and Irregularities

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An in person consultation is needed. I agree with what was said below. It appears you may have had too aggressive a treatment and some of the irregularities and I am unsure why so many incision sites were used for contouring.  I suggest seeing someone who specializes in revision surgery for a second opinion.  Although, most of the healing does take time, typically 3-6 months.  Velashape treatments are offered to all my patients post liposuction to speed the healing process and help with skin tightening. I do not feel endermologie help much.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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Lumpy abdomen after liposuction. How can I get a smooth abdomen?

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Although these are not very good photos that you posted, I see a lot of grooving cannula marks. Some lumpiness can happen, especially around the umbilicus (without the VASER, I could not obtain a smooth enough result that I liked), but cannula grooving is harder to correct. After 6 months or when these areas feel soft and you still have lumpiness and grooving, you will need fat grafting (I know, you say you wanted the fat removed), but too much was removed leaving uneven thickness of the skin/fat flap. This is a very difficult problem to fix. Stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Lumps after lipo

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It is way too early to be concerned about lumpiness after liposuction.  The body goes through a healing process after the liposuction which can leave small areas of residual edema and firmness and other areas that are softer and more normal feeling.  The firm areas are usually somewhat sore when you push on them, but they will respond to massage and gradually soften and go down and the tenderness will resolve.  I tell my patients that it may take as long as 6 months to know what the final result will actually be.  Only after allowing for the body to fully heal will you know if you will need any further touch-up or revision.  Be patient and try doing daily massage on the firm areas.

Lumpiness seven weeks after liposuction will probably get considerably better.

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From what is seen in the photograph I don't think you have much to worry about. I think the contour irregularities will smooth out as swelling subsides.

Too early

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most of the time these areas soften and dissappear on there own in 6 months....
keeping it simple, I like the compression garment to accellerate the scar maturation process..
Best of luck.  Alan Weiss, M.D.

Alan Weiss, MD
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Lumpy after liposuction

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Some lumpiness is common this can be for multiple different reasons.  Swelling and firmness can take several months to settle. Best to be evaluated by your surgeon.

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I have a very lumpy stomach after lipo surgery. How can I obtain a smooth stomach?

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Based upon the internet photos it appears you have NO excess skin therefor can not offer much in possible treatments. Sorry... 

#Liposuction Countor

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Congrats on your surgery. Its still a bit early to tell and its good you are wearing the compression garment. I tell my patients to expect final results 4-6 months out.  Make sure to follow up with your plastic surgeon regarding your results. Yes, if its still lumpy, there are things like fat grafting or revision liposuction to improve the contour.

I hope this was helpful,

Dr. Daniel Barrett
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