FUE 10 weeks. What is the usual timeline for growth?

10 weeks out from FUE. Don't see new growth. Doctor tells me to wait til 3 months. I don't see me growing any real hair the next two weeks. What is the usual timeline?

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It can take six to twelve month after a hair transplant surgery to see results. So after a few months, it may be too early to

It can take six to twelve month after a hair transplant surgery to see results.  So after a 10 weeks,  it may be too early to tell.

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What to expect after hair transplant

We don't expect to see much hair at 10 weeks after hair transplant.  In most patients this is the time they start growing new hair and some little short hair might be seen.  We usually expect the growth to be completed in 8 to 12 months after a hair transplant procedure. You can check the timeline of what is expected after hair transplant and how you have to take care of your transplanted hair in this webpage:

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Usual timeline for growth

Transplanted hair goes to a waiting period (telogen phase) and start to re grow  3-4 mo after the operation . But it takes about 12-14 mo . for hair to be full mature and getting full characteristics ..

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Growth following FUE

I tell my patients that they can expect growth anywhere from 2 - 6 months and fully 80% of the growth by the 8th month. 

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FUE timeline

I'm surprised that your doc didn't explain the process before the procedure.  Hair restoration, unfortunately, requires a little bit of patience as the hair follicles undergo their post-surgical cycles prior to growth.  In general, what you will see is that the hair that was implanted will stay in place for roughly 2-3 weeks, with minimal growth.  Then, it will fall out.  at about 3 to 4 months you will start seeing some hair start to grow - different follicles in different areas at different times.  The easiest way to know that your hair is growing is actually by tactile feel.  You will be able to feel almost peach fuzz coming in the area where the transplants were done.  Between 6-9 months, you be 80% of the way there and have some hair that you can style.  by 1 year usually you are 100% of the way there.  These are grossly generalized numbers, but I find that they fit for most people.  Where the transplants were done, what technique, how they were placed, etc all come in to play.  Best of luck! I hope this helps.

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