Is It Ok to Use Salicylic Acid While on Accutane?

I am currently on accutane. I use a green tea/salicylic acid 2% foam cleanser only once a day ( usually at the end of the day). I read that using anything else on your skin while on accutane is not good because it causes excess irritation. Should i continue the use of this cleanser? can it hinder my accutane progress?

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Salicylic acid and Accutane

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Salicylic acid can be drying to the skin, and Accutane already dries the skin. So that's why your skin can become irritated. I recommend patients use a creamier cleanser while on Accutane, like Cetaphil or Dove. The SA cleanser won't inhibit your Accutane progress, just dry your skin more and make you more uncomfortable.

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