Can weight loss result in an inverted nipple?

I have over the course of 8 months lost 100lbs. I noticed the skin on my breasts is a bit looser and my right nipple becomes slightly inverted while in a bra or clothing. But when not confined, it seems just flat and normal. I have no lump or pain, no discharge or any other cancer symptoms I can find. Can the weight loss be the issue?

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Cause on Inverted Nipples

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Weight loss certainly would explain the loose skin of the breasts.  The concern for nipple inversion is that one  of the causes as you mentioned can be a symptom of cancer.  While unlikely from the information provided, the seriousness of the consequences of delay would suggest one should go see her Physician for an evaluation and based upon that consider a mammogram to follow-up suspicions.  

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Inverted nipples caused by weight loss

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It is definitely possible for nipples to invert after substantial weight loss.  Typically a breast lift, with or without implant, is an important step in improving the shape of the breasts.  Inverted nipple repair may be done with or without a breast lift. 

David Stoker, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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