Does Profound RF require multiple treatments?

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Profound RF

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Profound does not require multiple treatments. As an early adopter and advocate of radio frequency (RF) devices, I now have extensive experience with the Profound RF device and have been very impressed with the technology. Using micro-needles, Pround precisely controls the temperature end point in the skin to effectively generate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  You see improvement in skin texture and elasticity.  In many cases, you see significant tightening along the jawline and neck. It seems to work in all ages including those over 65 years in age. In my opinion, it is less painful to perform and more effective than Ultherapy . They are also coming out with a different needle configuration that will treat cellulite.  It is a real step in the right direction for the promise of non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Profound Non-Surgical Facelift One treatment only

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The Profound treatment does not require more than one treatment to see effective tightening on the face, and body. The treatment involves microneedles that deliver RF energy directly to the dermis with parts of the needles insulated for safety. We are seeing remarkable improvement in skin texture, facial contour, less jowls and improved mid face. It can be combined with fillers, skin care, laser resurfacing. Compared to Ultherapy, there is no pain and it works much better in the final analysis of photos.

No, one treatment indicated for PROFOUND RF

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Results are highly variable with any RF treatment. I do have eMatrix, Profound, Secret RF, INFINI RF, and even the latest Themage RF, yes, one can see results with Profound, however my pick would be INFINI RF over Profound. 

Needles in the INFINI system only goto 3.5 mm, but is a vertical insulated, compared to 45 degrees for Profound. Downtime following Profound is also longer than Infini. 

This is my option, having experience with many RF needling systems, the results are also dependent on the Specialist performing the procedure and patient selection. 

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Does Profound RF require multiple treatments?

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No, typically we see nice results with a single Profound treatment. Profound is a new device that utilizes Micro-Needles paired with bipolar radio frequency energy (MN-RF). Profound is an exceptionally effective new system that has no peer. The options for "non-surgical face lift" are improving all the time. When we became one of the first 25 USA Ultherapy practices in 2010, we knew that things were changing. Now we also have amazing options in Micro-needle Radiofrequency (MN-RF) treatment platforms. I have been consulting with numerous manufacturers and helped get the Vivace MN-RF platform its' FDA-510K approval. Viviane is a low to moderate energy system that improves facial aging with minimal downtime. More recently, we have similarly helped with the Profound MN-RF system by Syneron-Candela and we are very impressed. Profound has 5mm depth micro needles that are insulated in the shaft to protect skin and have temperature probes at the needle tips that allow us to raise dermis tissue temperatures to the absolute optimal "sweet spot" of 67-68 Celsius (the perfect temperature for collagen and elastin growth as well as Hyaluronic acid deposition), thus ensuring precise facial rejuvenation and even volume restoration (like when we inject fillers) by new tissue growth. Profound is a game changer that requires local anesthesia and 3-7 days of facial recovery. We have been pairing these systems with fillers, Botox, and professional skin care to achieve optimal non-surgical face lifting. Lastly, Profound is also effective for stretch mark removal, scar revision, and body rejuvenation.

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