What is the recovery from Profound RF like?

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Recovery for Profound RF

Recovery after Profound RF is about 5-7 days.  None of our patients have taken longer than 7 days to return to work, school or social functions. You should expect some significant early swelling of the lower face and neck, mild bruising and mild redness.  You can also have modest soreness and/or numbness of the treated area.  While the recovery time might be slightly longer that some other minimally invasive technologies,  Profound RF has been the most consistent and reliable device of its kind in my experience. At this point in time I believe it to be "best in class".  The treatment level is precise and application of heat is temperature controlled, resulting in a very consistent tissue response.

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What is the recovery from Profound RF like?

Recovery from Profound takes 5-7 days in most cases but you do not have to stay home. Profound is a new device that utilizes Micro-Needles paired with bipolar radio frequency energy (MN-RF). Profound is an exceptionally effective new system that has no peer. The options for "non-surgical face lift" are improving all the time. When we became one of the first 25 USA Ultherapy practices in 2010, we knew that things were changing. Now we also have amazing options in Micro-needle Radiofrequency (MN-RF) treatment platforms. I have been consulting with numerous manufacturers and helped get the Vivace MN-RF platform its' FDA-510K approval. Viviane is a low to moderate energy system that improves facial aging with minimal downtime. More recently, we have similarly helped with the Profound MN-RF system by Syneron-Candela and we are very impressed. Profound has 5mm depth micro needles that are insulated in the shaft to protect skin and have temperature probes at the needle tips that allow us to raise dermis tissue temperatures to the absolute optimal "sweet spot" of 67-68 Celsius (the perfect temperature for collagen and elastin growth as well as Hyaluronic acid deposition), thus ensuring precise facial rejuvenation and even volume restoration (like when we inject fillers) by new tissue growth. Profound is a game changer that requires local anesthesia and 3-7 days of facial recovery. We have been pairing these systems with fillers, Botox, and professional skin care to achieve optimal non-surgical face lifting. Lastly, Profound is also effective for stretch mark removal, scar revision, and body rejuvenation.

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Pround recovery less than a week

We are experiencing less than one week recovery times with Profound. There is mild swelling which we manage with icing, rest, and elevated of the head. We recommend to patients to avoid exercise for the first 5 days and that seems to help.  Overall, everyone has been able to resume normal activities within 1 week. Results are visible at this time but continue to improve over next few weeks.

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The swelling and bruising from Profound will last 5-7 days.  Keeping the head elevated, icing and avoiding weights will help.  Most patients resume normal activities within a few days.  From a discomfort standpoint, you can return to work immediately.  You will just have to tell your co-workers that you had a minor problem under the jaw that your doctor took care of.  Best wishes.

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What is the recovery from Profound RF like?

Recovery times are faster for face than the body, presumably because of the enhanced circulation in the face.

We have a book of 48 hour recovery times; many with little or no signs of any procedure. Some people do bruise, rarely significantly,  and this is predominately limited to the mouth, jowl and lower neck areas.

When well planned socially, the recovery has not been an issue and patients seem to be almost universally happy with their procedure results. Profound seem to be more predictable than any other previous modality. Ultherapy continues to maintain certain distinct advantages, however, for predominantly cutaneous issues Profound seems to consistently produce excellent results. This is especially true in the forehead, lower face and neck, arms, abdomen and knees.

Hope this helps

(my video on profound has two parts)

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PROFOUND and recovery times

7-9 days, expect exceptional bruising if utilised around the neck area. I have used Profound, INFINI RF, Themage and Ultherapy. 

Of all these treatments, my least favourite is Profound due to the downtime and results, my favourite is Ultherapy, as this gives better more predictable results with little downtime. 

This is my option only, and may not be shared by others. 

All the best

DR Davin Lim
Laser dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
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