What are the risks associated with Profound RF?

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Risks of Profound

As with any needle based radiofrequency device, the main risks are mild bruising, mild swelling, and temporary numbness/soreness in the treated area. As with any device there is also a learning curve. so you want to make sure that your provider is experienced and up to date. Lastly, I strongly disagree with the previous answer. Profound is the only device that offers a temperature endpoint. Knowledgeable practitioners of Radiofrequency understand the importance of temperature in effecting the proper tissue response. The angled needles are purposely designed to give greater surface area contact within the dermis (the target) and to contain the heat in the skin and away from the subcutaneous fat.  Best wishes.

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Profound RF risks

Thank you for your question.  Profound RF is a very safe procedure when done by an experienced provider.  It involves the insertion of micro needles into the deep portions of the skin and the delivery of controlled energy that serves to stimulate collagen and elastin production.  It does require numbing of the tissues prior to delivery of the energy.  Given the involvement of needles, you can expect to have some bruising, but in my experience this is fairly minimal.  In addition the energy is fairly intense and you can expect swelling after the procedure.  I have seen some great results from the Profound procedure.  However, as with any non-surgical options, one must assess each patient and determine what the best options are for them.

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Profound and risks

Ok, I have Profound, eMatrix, Themage, INFINI RF, and access to secret RF.  Profound is by far the worse device for skin tightening out there. Why? Needles not sufficient, angled delivery, long down time, and bruising that may last 10 days. No conflict of interest, but INFINI RF is infinitely better than PROFOUND. No pun intended. 

Syneron Candela makes great devices - V BEAM, 755 alex , Max Pro, eMatrix, but Profound is profoundly outdated and in all truth, crap.- no pun intended again. 

All the best, with no prejudice ( as I am an advisor for Profound), 
Dr Davin Lim 
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Brisbane, Australia. 

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