What's the California legal maximum of CC's that can be removed AND injected during a BBL?

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Max amount of liposuction

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The recommended maximum amount of liposuction is 5 Liters in California, however this is a guideline for safety considerations.  This number might vary depending on patient weight, intra-operative findings, and surgeon experience.

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Legal limit versus medical judgment

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There are no legal limits in regards to volume removed with or without fat transfer in California.

There are safety guidelines put together by committees.

These are suggested guidelines only.

Most plastic surgeons follow the guidelines that no more than 5 L should be removed during any outpatient procedure.

Removing more than 5000 mL should be done only with direct medical observation after the procedure.

In my opinion using absolute numbers is not the best way of setting safety limits but rather the volume of fat removed should be based on multiple factors such as the size of the patient and overall health of the patient.

This is where the expertise and extensive training of board-certified plastic surgeons comes into play.

Understanding the physiology and healing process allows talent to doctors to keep procedure safe while still getting the The best possible results.

For those to require more than 5 L of fat removed it maybe better to have the procedures done in multiple sessions.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

What's the California legal maximum of CC's that can be removed AND injected during a BBL?

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5000 cc is the generally accepted upper limit for liposuction in an outpatient setting, with the transfer being less than that.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Legal Maximum Fat Removal With Liposuction?

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There is no "legal" maximum for the amount of fat and fluid that can be removed with liposuction in one setting. There are recommendations from safety/patient advocate committees that have been made to maximize patient safety. If more than 5 L of fat and fluid is aspirated, an overnight hospital stay is recommend to watch for fluid shifts and dehydration and to rehydrate the patient. If a patient needs more than 5 L of fat removed, it may behoove them to either lose weight first to avoid the 5 L limit or to divide the surgery into multiple segments to maximize safety. Many patients balk at paying an extra OR and facility fee, putting money ahead of safety, but it's better to be safe than sorry. There is also no limit for the amount of fat that can be injected into the buttocks. The amount that can be placed into your buttocks will depend on how much your buttocks can accept. This will be based on each patient's individuals buttocks characteristics - laxity or lack thereof of the skin, dimpling, original buttock shape, etc. Too much fat injected at once may end up killing the majority of the fat because it is smothered and can't get any oxygen. You're better of having a smaller appropriate amount injected than the absolute maximum as more of that will live than stuffing in too much. You only get one body and one life. Liposuction and BBL are ELECTIVE procedures, not lifesaving procedures. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to take any extra risks. Beware of plastic surgeons who say "yes" just to get your money. Just because something can be done, doesn't mean it should be done. Best of luck!

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