What are the best fitting jeans after a Bbl?

I am having a hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit, every pair of jeans I try on are loose on the waste and tight on my hips and butt. Can someone please tell me the best fitting pair of jeans for a Bbl. Thanks

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Best Fitting Jeans After A BBL?

As a female plastic surgeon with some natural booty (all thanks to my mom and dad primarily, but a little bit also to that escalator machine at the gym), I personally like Paige Jeans and J Brand Jeans. The trick is to make sure the jeans have some elasticity/stretch. Look for materials such as elastane or spandex on the tag. Usually 2-4% elastane will hug your curves without being too tight or uncomfortable on the thighs. Have some stretch in the jeans also avoids that dreaded loose waist look in the back. You know that look - the jeans fit perfect everywhere except the waist! You definitely need to try them on in person - online won't cut it. And trust me, once you find a pair the fits, buy a few as who knows if they'll keep manufacturing the look that works for you! Best of luck!

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Hi thank you for your question. If you search for brands that weight lifters and body builders use you will find jeans that are better fitting most likely. There are many brands that are made for women with wider thighs and a bigger buttocks due to weight lifting and working out so I would imagine it might be something you are looking for rather than traditionally made jeans you might find in the department stores. 

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