Bulging varicose vein under my eye. Average cost to have it removed? (Photos)

Ideally, I would prefer the same exact procedure that Dr.Raffy Karamanoukian preformed on a woman on an episode of 'The Doctors'. I would just like to know the average price of having this procedure done in California please.

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Veins around the Eyes

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These are not Varicose veins but they are called Reticular Veins.  In the past they have been essentially impossible to treat.  We can successfully treat these now with our new Hybrid Laser called Nordlys Ellipse.
The procedure is quick, minimally uncomfortable and usually resolves with no bruising or recurrence although you can develop new ones in the future.

All my Best!

Dr Bengtson

Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Periorbital reticular veins

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I prefer to treat these periorbital veins with lasers as the results turn out the best.  Some perform sclerotherapy in this area but given the potential complications, lasers are likely the best option.  Good luck.

Payman Kosari, MD, FAAD

Payman Kosari, MD, FAAD
Charlotte Dermatologic Surgeon
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Price for injecting veins on face.

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Depending on the location of the vein and the number of veins, I would say the around 500.00 is a typical price.  Some of the veins on the face are not safe to inject, so pick your professional carefully.  

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon

Under eye vein treatment in Los Angeles

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We specialize in this treatment in our Los Angeles office. 

Closer images are necessary but this one you show is borderline and can be treated once and for all with microphlebectomy or it can be treated with repeat injection sclerotherapy. The latter can be associated with hyperpigmentation.


H Karamanoukian MD FACS

certified vein specialist from ABVLM

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