Can rubbing/pushing on your nose cause a deviated septum?

For a few years I struggled with body dysmorphia. I was 16 and had no money to fix my nose. So I read online that you could flatten your nose bump with fingers. So I constantly rubbed/massaged my nos bridgee a little, nothing painful. 6 months ago I noticed I couldn't breathe thru my right nostril and today i still cant! :( Could i have deviated my septum by pressing on my nose bridge? or changed my nose cosmetics? if so (if its deviated to the right, can I push it back to the left?)

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Effects of Pressing on Nose

Dear popoppy20:

Thank you for sharing your question. Pressing on your nose will not change the shape of the septum or the outside appearance of your nose. In addition to a deviated septum, there are many other causes of difficulty breathing through your nose. If you are having breathing problems, please see a physician to help you evaluate the cause and determine the best treatment options.

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Long term effects of pushing on nose

Simply pushing on your nose is not enough force to create septal deviation.  Breaking or fracturing your nose would be necessary to create such a change.  If you have a deviated septum, it was likely present before the nasal manipulation.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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