Issues with 6 unit front teeth bridge. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am facing some issues with the temporary 6 unit front teeth bridge. Aesthetically my bridge seems just fine but fit wise I am having problems. My lower teeth are hitting the inside of the upper teeth when I move my jaw a little out. The banging is more when I speak certain words like "word", "conscious " , "perfect" . Is something wrong with the bridge? Can these issues be solved? I want to be 100% comfortable before giving the final impression. I am very tensed about this and getting panicky .

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Temporary Bridge

The beauty of your having this temporary bridge is that things can be worked out in plastic prior to your finalizing the bridge. You can look at this bridge as a prototype. Once everything is corrected, your dentist should make a mold of the temp bridge so that the laboratory can copy the contours in the final bridge.

Get it adjusted

Usually for temporary crowns/bridges, we take them out of occlusion to minimize the risk of fracture.  If the bridge is hitting your lower jaw during protrusion, you should get them adjusted by your dentist as long as there is enough material to do the adjustment.  It should be a simple procedure.  However, if the thickness of your bridge is already thin, then you're potentially looking at more complex procedures, such as redoing your prep or opening up your bite.  In any case, you should tell your dentist about your concerns before doing your permanent bridge.  Your dentist will actually thank you for it since it is easier and less costly  to adjust/fix a temporary bridge than a permanent bridge.

Jean-Paul Banh, DDS
Federal Way Dentist

Dont panic! It can be adjusted

Congrats! your bridge does look great indeed! However your dentist would not settle for just looks. Function and bite are just as important. It sounds like the back of the bridge maybe too bulky, and catching your lower teeth prematurely. This can be easily corrected with the permanent bridge. Its very important however to mention this to your dentist when you go in for your final impressions. Adjustments can be made to the temporary before the final impression to make it more comfortable for your bite and your enunciation. More than likely they will take note of these adjustments and pass it on to the lab. This maybe in the form of impressions of your temporary bridge, wax bites or photos etc.

Hisham Kaloti, DDS
Mississauga Dentist
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Check clearance and make any needed adjustments before impressions

From the limited information I can see in the photo, it looks like your lower incisors may be super erupted. Please have your dentist check the clearance between the upper teeth and the lower teeth before final impressions are taken so that there will be enough space for the new bridge material to be fabricated.

Problem Temporary

It is very important to have all of your speech and bite issues corrected in the temporary bridge. Don't have the final restoration made until they are corrected. Your dentist should be able to make the necessary adjustments. Let them know exactly what your problems are so that they can be corrected. No reason to become tense or panicky. These things are easily fixed.

Have dentist adjust temporary bridge #DrSoftTouch

I would recommend seeing your dentist to have your temporary bridge adjusted. A simple adjustment will correct your speech and bite issues. Don't worry, there is no need to be tense and panicked about this. This is a simple fix and should not affect your permanent bridge.  I hope this helps.  Feel free to click to save my name below, in case you have more questions in the future.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
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