Months after RTC and bridge. Occasional tooth pain/ extreme sensitivity. I still can't chew or bite without shooting pain. HELP

Hello. I had 3 root canals 3 and a half month ago. 2 of them were fitted for a crown. I have a bridge with perfectly sound adjacent teeth. The problem is that everything is still sensitive to touch and bite. I had an xray done. There was no infection/inflammation/ cavity/ abcess..nothing I don't know why are my three upper molars all RTC still sensitive? And why can't I chew on my bridge (low molars)? Thank you

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Check your bite, its even?

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Do you have any xray, sometimes its normal have pain for a few weeks, but i think its too much time. Maybe you can have a high point and with a simple adjustment in the crowns the pain start to go less, because its the same area I think will be a high point. Try with some anti-inflammatory and ask to your dentist for check your bite.

MANY Possibilities

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Many different issues can be happening. Here is some advice on what should be checked1-3d Scan to see if the root canal is completed correctly and if any areas were missed2-3d scan to see if the tooth has a fracture not able to be seen on an X-ray3-if all above checks out to be normal, have your dentist check your bite.4-another possibility can be the crown is very close to your bone or your crowns are too large
So many different issues can arise from complicated to simple. Be sure to have your issue taken care of, as living in pain and not being able to chew is not fun.

Months after RCT and Bridge

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Without  current X-rays and a visual evaluation I will respond to your question.   Often there can be an extra canal in teeth that can cause your symptoms.   An Endondontist (root canal specialist) can evaluate your situation and possibly reopen the tooth and look for an extra canal.  You may want to consult with an endodontist for the best expertise.  I wish you the best of luck

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