Does massaging your fat necrosis help?

I had a bbl almost a year ago and my right cheek has developed some fat necrosis. I heard massaging the area helps to reduce the hard lumps. Is this true? How do I get rid of them?

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Does massaging your fat necrosis help?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. Not at all dear, I will recommend you to consult with your surgeon what to do next, it will be better for you to check if you're having fevers or infections, you probably will need to take antibiotics, but massages are not going to help you.

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I think at a year the likelihood of improving the area with massage is very low. It is most likely scar tissue now and perhaps dilute steroids may help.

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Fat necrosis


Massaging areas of fat necrosis works in the beginning, but not after a year.  More commonly, a firm area one year later is likely to be scar tissue (or could also be a seroma...collection of fluid).  I doubt that massaging this area now will soften it.  Ask your Plastic Surgeon about using steroid injections to help soften the area.

Best of luck.

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Fat necrosis

Massaging can help to certain degree but it should be performed early. Rarely do they need to be removed. 

Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

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Can massaging help with fat necrosis?

Massaging early can help with fat necrosis as it can break down the fat and help your body absorb it. However, once scar tissue forms around the area, massaging has limited effect and probably will not help this far out. 

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Does massaging your fat necrosis help?

Massaging does help break down fat necrosis so that your body can absorb it. It is usually more effective when this is done early in the healing process versus late. At one year the body is fully healed from surgery and has likely developed scar tissue around the area of necrosis. Massaging at this point won't hurt but won't have the impact it did earlier in the healing process. It is hard to give you specific advice without knowing more about your situation and an exam. Sometimes liposuction is the answer as the fat necrosis can be removed. You may need liposuction and more fat transfer. 

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