Roaccutane and Laser? (photo)

I use roaccutane for almost a year,10 mg,2 pills/day.Before roaccutane I was under laser treatment for chicken skin. As it really helped for my skin I asked the doctor what to do. He said that I could stop 2 weeks with accutane, do laser treatment and immediately start with pills again. I did so and experienced a lot of itching and redness due to the laser treatment. Is this normal? I did it for the last time 2 days ago and have some redness. Will it recover or will it leave hyperpigmentation?

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Accutane and lasers

Accutane has a very short half-life meaning it's out of your system within a day. This is why some doctors will allow you to do laser treatments while undergoing an Accutane regimen, as long as the people doing your treatments are very experienced. 20mg a day is a very low dosage anyway. I don't see anything wrong with your skin's response, nor do I actually think it has anything to do with the Accutane. Some people simply get erythema after a treatment, which is redness. You can apply some hydrocortisone a few times after cool water, after any treatments, and it should clear right up. There is nothing permanent.

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