What Risks Are Associated with a Mini Tummy Tuck That Includes Muscle Repair?

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Mini tummy tuck risks.

Although a mini tummy tuck usually has a  shorter length incision, and a decreased area of undermining of the tissues, it can still have all the same risks as a full tummy tuck, though perhaps the risk is slightly lower as the surgery may be somewhat shorter in duration.  The standard risks include: bleeding, fluid collections, infection, poor scarring, tissue death, unhappiness with the result, need for revisional surgery, blood clots in your legs/lungs.  Risks vary according to the patients pre-operative status.  Risks are higher in people who are obese, smokers, diabetics and recent post partum patients.  As a miniTT does not correct the tissues above the belly button, the chance for only a partial correction of the abdomen are higher.  Your board certified plastic surgeon will advise you which procedure would benefit you most and what measures will be taken to minimize risks to you.  Good luck. 

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Risks of a mini tummy tuck

Your surgeon will ask you to sign off on a laundry list of risks before operating on you.  These include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, fluid collections, numbness, blood clots in your veins, scar problems etc.

Also, you may be unhappy with the result because, when properly selected, miniTT patients are rare since the muscles and skin above the umbi are not benefitted at all and may even look worse after just tightening the lower abdominal area. 

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Mini Tummy Tuck Risks?

Thank you for the question.

A mini tummy tuck procedure has the same risks associated with a full tummy tuck procedure;  in addition, the potential for patient dissatisfaction is quite high (for most patients who have had significant weight gain/loss or pregnancy).

Generally a mini tummy tuck procedure involves a shorter incision  than a full tummy tuck procedure. The area of skin excised is quite small (a percentage of skin between the bellybutton and pubic area). The abdominal wall musculature is addressed below the umbilicus leaving the upper number wall potentially lax. The appearance and/or location of the umbilicus is not altered/moved.

For most patients who have had pregnancies and/or weight loss a full abdominoplasty is necessary to achieve the desired results. Of course, there are downsides (including a longer scar and probably a longer recovery time) but for most patients the benefits outweigh the downsides. It is not unusual to see patients who've had mini tummy tuck  surgery present for  revisionary surgery.
It is important  for patients seeking abdominal contouring surgery to work with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to obtain advice (based on good ethics and judgment) to  improve  their chances of a successful outcome and minimize the need for further surgery.

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