How to get rid of a lump remaining from a cauterization of a vein?

I had a prominent vein underneath my eye cauterized a couple of years ago as it sometimes looked like I had a bruised eye. Since then the area appears more puffy and there is a hard lump where the vein once was. The lower eyelid is now also slightly lower on this eye than the other. Is there anything I can do about this without resorting to surgery? Thanks.

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Lower eyelid vein treatment with thermocagulation

Aggressive thermocoagulation can cause lid retraction in very rare cases. This can cause undue dryness of the eye. I recommend that you see an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon for guidance. 

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Surgery may be only answer.

It sounds as if the vein clotted and now you have developed some contracture from the scarred vein causing the lower lid to retract. You should see an eye surgeon or plastic surgeon or return to your original treating physician. Surgery may be the only option.

John Landi, MD
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