Am I too big to get liposuction? (Photo)

Currently 5'5" 220 lbs. use to be 160, my goal is to get back to that. Gained a lot of weight with my daughter. Am I too big to get liposuction? Should I lose more weight before doing it? I'm actively seeking to get treatment. I want to get my stomach, back, flanks, pubic area. Can I get this all in one visit? Cost and recovery time? My boobs I'll be getting done too(see separate post) this posts about my body though. All opinions welcome and encouraged!!!!

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Liposuction will leave you disappointed

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I will cut to the chase.

If you really want good results, you need to first lose weight and get back to your ideal body weight.

After that, you need a tummy tuck, a breast lift with or without implants, and perhaps some liposuction fine-tuning.

Liposuction by itself, as you are right now, will most likely leave you disappointed.

Best of luck,

Mats Hagstrom, M.D.


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I would recommend being closer to your ideal body weight before going forward with surgery.  You look like a great candidate for a tummy tuck, when you get closer to your ideal weight (within 30 lbs) I would recommend going in for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

Kevin Rose, MD
Provo Plastic Surgeon

Am I too big to get liposuction?

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Thank you for the question.

It is hard to give you good advice without direct examination  or viewing pictures.

I think you have a good understanding already that liposuction surgery is not meant as a weight loss “program” and is ideally done for patients who have isolated diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue in specific areas. The overlying skin of these areas ideally demonstrate good skin elasticity. In other words, these procedures are best done when patients are close to their long-term stable weight.

I would respectfully suggest that you continue your healthy lifestyle and  relatively slow weight loss;  see a well trained board-certified plastic surgeon when you are closer to your long-term stable weight.

Best wishes.


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Liposuction is a very powerful technique in the right hands, and can have dramatic results in a variety of areas and a in a variety of patients. That said, the ideal liposuction candidate has localized fat deposits and quality overlying skin without significant excess skin or skin damage. Fat can then be removed to a]strategically sculpt the body and accentuate feminine curves. The skin then retracts over the new shape to give the final result.

That said, you definitely have to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety.  Don’t settle for less than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you and best of luck. Dr. Campbell


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With your BMI your risk of intraoperative or postoperative death or serious complications is unacceptably high; let's sort things: firstly normalize your weight.

Then you'll not be a candidate for liposuction, I'd say breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck are your best fitted procedures, but not now, firstly lose weight without workarounds.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Patient's of high BMI can get good results from liposuction provided there expectations are in line.

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 The ideal candidate for liposuction are thinner patients with isolated areas of fat. However patients with larger BMI are often quite pleased with results provider the understand the limitations of the procedure.

Liposuction is a great motivator.

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From the photos I would recommend 2 liposuction procedures which could be both done in the same week and you could be back at work in 2 days and back to the gym in 1 week. Full abdomen and pubis in 1 procedure and hips, midback, and axillae in a 2nd procedure at a cost of roughly $7000 each on special under tumescent local. Liposuction is such a great motivator to diet and exercise to lose weight and get in shape. If you have been already working out a lot then I would do the procedures now. Sincerely, David Hansen,md

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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You need to lose weight first before undergoing surgery in the future. Best of luck with your decision to lose the weight and move forward.

Weight loss before surgery

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Great question and great photos. My simple answer is yes and no. Yes you should lose weight but after not before your surgery for a simple reason. Your back would benifit from lipo sculpture now, and your front will require a tummy tuck. So if you have about ten pounds removed surgically then lose another ten pounds afterwards (which is easier than it is now) then you will weigh 190 in six months or so, and look great at that weight. Losing weights is a good idea but as you and I know it's hard. After surgery my patients seem motivated to do so the right way, that is with multiple small feelings and moderate but prolonged walking. Losing weight now makes the surgery easier and safer but in my experience it is harder. All surgeries carry risks so choose your surgeon carefuly.


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I would recommend you loose weight before surgery.  Liposuction is not a substitution for weight loss.  It is a supplement to weight loss as are tummy tuck and other body contouring procedures.  You will be much happier with the final result if you can loose weight first and will decrease the risk of complications significantly.  Good luck.  Donald R. Nunn MD. Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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