Should I Fix my Deviated Septum?

I've been told by two different doctors that I have a deviated septum. The last one said it was deviated 70% and I would probably respond very well to surgery. But I have no real symptoms other than bad snoring and lots of stuffiness associated with seasonal allergies. I am tempted to have the surgery done, but part of me says I shouldn't do anything if it's not really bothering me. What do you think?

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Whether deviated septum should be fixed

Many patients have a deviated septum and never do anything about it.  The degree of deviation will cause airway symptoms and allergies only compound the airway with stuffiness and congestion.  Snoring is made worse with nasal obstruction.  If a patient is not having nasal airway obstruction issues, there is no reason to have a septoplasty performed.  Surgery is only necessary if medical management has failed to improve the airflow through the nose or if there is an obvious twist.

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Should I Fix my Deviated Septum?

 The primary reason to have a Septoplasty is for a deviated septum that causes observable nasal obstruction.  If you do not have that, there's no reason to have the Septoplasty.

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