Can I Have a Reverse Tummy Tuck After a Whipple Surgery & C-section? I Have Been Warned About Blood Flow Due to Scar Tissue.

I'm 38 & had a Whipple Surgery in 04 for an abscess. I have had 2 pregnancies 1 was twins in 1/11 & have diastasis recti from the surgery & pregnancies. Almost weekly I get are you pregnant. I am only 5'2" & 115.I am very thin everywhere else. I have had other medical issues TM & Post Partum Cardio Myopathy. The Whipple Scar already runs under my breast so I have been told they would use this incision, repair the recti & hernia and close. Any additional thoughts or concerns appreciated.

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Reverse tummy tuck possible after upper abdominal surgery.

Because and unsightly scar already exists a reverse abdominoplasty is a very legitimate option in your particular circumstance. You of course have to be in good health before embarking on any elective aesthetic procedure.

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Candidate for a reverse abdominoplasty

An examination would be necessary to determine if your existing surgical scar would be suitable for a reverse abdominoplasty.   I do not think you would get as good of a result as a standard abdominoplasty but your scar would place your at an increased risk for tissue ischemia.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Can I Have a Reverse Tummy Tuck After a Whipple Surgery & C-section? I Have Been Warned About Blood Flow Due to Scar Tissue.

Based on your picture and information provided, a reverse tummy tuck may be possible but an in-person exam would be needed. You would also need to address the cardiomyopathy and any other medical problems first. 

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Reverse tummy tuck

Based upon your history and photos, you may very well be an excellent candidate for a reverse tummy tuck.  One of the most important things to do first would be to get medical clearance for your cardiac issues.  Best of luck.

?Reverse tummy tuck?

The reverse tummy tuck is not done very often.  Besides placing the scar in a more visible location, it seems the blood supply to the remaining skin may not be as good. The scar is not an issue with you since you already have one. If your C-section scar goes horizontally, I would probably not do it, since that would block the circulation from below. If it goes vertically, then it might be doable, but conservatism is the key. Your main problem seems to be with the diastasis, so the undermining of the skin could be more restricted, just enough to repair the diastasis without having puckering.  All of this obviously would need to be discussed with your plastic surgeon.  good luck

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