Abdominal Spasms After Tummy Tuck Normal?

I had TT a week ago and have been woken up the last few night by muscle spasms of the abdomen. I remember this also happening after the birth of my children. It seems to be the body's way of healing, or perhaps due to the increased stimulation and irritation. My concern is the integrity of the muscle repair. I am taking muscle relaxers to help. Should I allow the muscles to cramp? Will it "hurt" anything? I do plan on seeing my PS soon and discussing it. Thanks for your time.

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Muscle spasms

Yes, some patients get these, following rectus diastasis repair.  Typically, they are uncomfortable, but do not damage the repair.  Muscle relaxants, like Flexeril or Soma, are often prescribed to help the symptoms.  Have your PS check you over to rule out other potential causes of problems.

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Spasms can occur after tummy tuck

Spasms can occur in your muscles shortly after your tummy tuck.  Please follow your post-operative instructions for pain control.  If you are concerned about any damage to your muscle repair, please followup with your surgeon.  wishing you a speedy recovery


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Muscle spasms a week after abdominoplasty are not that uncommon.

Inflammation near the muscle bellies can cause spasm decreasing in frequency and intensity over time.

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