Retroclined Upper Central Incisors Affecting Face Profile? (photo)

Here is my previous post which may help explain things: ''. As you can see from attached photos, my upper front teeth are retroclined. My question is what method would be best for proclining them and how would this affect my profile? I've explained in the photos what I hope to achieve. I also understand that I would need orthognathic surgery to advance the lower jaw after this.

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Fortunately and unfortunately you have the world as your oyster, in terms of improving the inclination of you incisors and your lip support. It would be absolutely impossible to cover them all. Furthermore without xrays and skeletal measurements it would be impossible to lead you toward the "BEST".


So instead I am going to give you some terms to Google.

  • Orthopedic movement or development
  • orthognathic surgery
  • Reverse Pull headgear
  • auto rotation of Mandible
  • Fibonacci (


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How to fix inward leaning upper front teeth

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Many times mother nature leans the teeth to "hide" the severity of a patient's skeletal problem.  In your case your upper teeth have leaned in to hide the fact that your lower jaw is very small.  It is relatively easy to lean your upper teeth out to a normal angulation and a proper position relative to your upper lip and nose but this will radically increase the amount of overjet (how far out in front your upper teeth are relative to your lower teeth) in effect, trading one problem for another.  To make everything right you need the upper teeth leaned forward and then your lower jaw surgically moved forward....anything else would be a very poor compromise

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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