I Had Veneers Placed 1 Year Ago and Now Have Grey Coloring Near the Gumlines? (photo)

Also I have had gum swelling near both incisors (they are both grey). Long story short. Went to another dentist for 2nd opinion. He said it was leakage. Went back to my dentist who said it was just staining. He agreed to remove the veneers that were grey in the front and said he would leave the ones that were grey in the back. He removed 2 veneers and left the room. I snapped a few pics while he was out. My gums that now have temps are COMPLETELY HEALTHY! How are all my veneers stained?!

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Grey under veneers shouldn't happen

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As I see it your dentist applied the veneers while blood was still present and it got absorbed by the cement that bonded them. When the blood dries it turns black just like a scab. I know because it has happened to me before and I learned the hard way. I remade all the veneers which was the right thing to do to eliminate my mistake. The staining could lead to future problems so all your veneers should be replaced to prevent that, as well as, making all teeth match in shade. Another complication you have is that the veneers are either too long or bonding cement is still present or not polished. This may be pushing against the attachment of the gums making them look swollen and probably bleed when you brush. This is called a violation of the biologic width. If your dentist has advanced cosmetic training he/she should have a dental laser in the office to shape the gum tissue to an appropriate point to avoid this situation. Seek a consult from a dentist who has advanced training and does cosmetic procedures on a regular basis.


Grey color at gumlines after veneers

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It appears that the gums are very inflamed so they may not be sealed and attracting plaque and debris.  I would seek care from a dentist to have it looked at ASAP



Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Grey Coloring Near Gumline of 1-year Old Veneers

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It looks like the margins of the veneers might not be perfectly sealed and flush with your teeth. There might be decay or just stain at those margins. You also seem to have periodontal disease around them Get to a GOOD dentist ASAP.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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