I Had to Reschedule my Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction and Arm Lift Because I Take Adderall?

I was told I had to be off the adderall for at least two weeks prior to surgery because of new information that has come out about this. Can you tell me more? The nurse was not sure of all the details.

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Adderal is an Amphetamine and needs to be discontinued before surgery

Adderal is primarily used to treat ADHD and is an amphetamine (speed).  Amphetamines increase heart rate and blood pressure and can have serious and even fatal consequences when used in conjunction with medications given during a general anesthetic.  It should be stopped for 2 weeks prior to any surgical procedure and for 3 days post operatively.

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This is realy a preferrence of the anesthesiologist and not the surgeon. In my practice, my anesthesiologist has no problem with giving anesthesia to patient on Adderall. A good anesthesiologist knows how to handle any side effects from the Adderall. The only issue that I have with your surgery plan is the combination of surgeries that probably will last more than 6 hours. Statiticaly, surgery over 6 hors increase sigificantly the risk of complication. I will strongly recommend to reduce the number of surgeries, so it will stay at the level of 6 hours.

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