I Am Having This Pulling Twinge / Ripping Feeling on my Right Side, is This Normal? (photo)

I am feeling this pulling twinge feeling on my right side close to my BB. At first I thought I had popped a stitch but like I said it is to the side of my BB about 1/2 an Inch. It's hard to describe the feeling it's a cross between a pulling twinge and a ripping feeling. It has happened several times this evening and all in the same area. It doesn't feel like the shocking feeling of everything healing so I am really concerned. I am 3 weeks PO TT, MR w/ Lipo of Hips and Flanks.

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Pulling sensation after tummy tuck

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Thank you for the photo and question.  The sensation you describe is commonly felt by tummy tuck patients.  During surgery, we typically put deep internal stitches to tighten up the abdominal muscles at the midline.  These stitches go from your breastbone down to your pelvis.  If the pain is very intense, then you may be tearing some tissue, but tightness when bending or twisting is normal.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and let him feel the area of concern to be sure there are no problems.  Hope this helps.

Post op abdominoplasty with plication

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This is usually normal post op sensations after an abdominoplasty with plication at 3 weeks.   As you start getting back to normal activity, you start pulling on the plication stitches and scar tissue.   As always, follow up with your surgeon.  

Michael McClure, MD
Altamonte Springs Plastic Surgeon

I Am Having This Pulling Twinge / Ripping Feeling on my Right Side, is This Normal?

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The posted photo is under exposed so not of help. Best to be examined by your surgeon sooner than later. 

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