Replacing PFM Crown with Ceramic Crown on Existing Metal Post and Core a Good Idea? (photo)

Went in for bonding repair on chipped front top tooth next to PFM crown. Dentist suggested 2 crowns, 1 to replace the PFM crown (14 years old) with all ceramic for aesthetic reasons (grey margin, translucency, etc.) and the other for a better match. I agreed and came back to have the teeth prepped. Asked about whitening and he gave me treswhite take home trays and said he would order the crowns at A1 (currently C1). Concerned as the metal post is very obvious with temp crown (see picture).

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Ceramic Crown Replacing PFM

Hopefully, your dentist sent some quality photos of the prepared teeth to the lab, so they know how much to opaque out the metal post under 1 of the crowns. It can be made to look beautifully matched by a high quality Ceramist at a hi-quality lab, used by a hi-quality cosmetic dentist.

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Temporary dental crowns not as opaque as final crowns

The new all porcelain alternatives for crowns can be very opaque and do a good job to mask the tooth structure underneath.  However, the ROOTS of the teeth can become dark and make the tissues appear different.  You will likely have a great outcome.

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