How to Manage Broken Zircon Crowns?

I had my zirconia crown fitted for the upper four incisor teeth 3 weeks ago in Turkey. One of the tooth chipped and the other one is broken within a week. The dentist sent me another set of crowns along with my mould from Turkey, to get it fitted in UK. The dentist in UK told me that these crowns cannot be used as all the fitted four crowns and the new crowns to be fitted are bridged (made as a single unit). In UK, they fit zircon crowns for individual tooth. Please advice. Thank you

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How to Manage Broken Zircon (Zirconia) Crowns?

ZIrconia crowns are used a lot now because they have tremendous strength. But almost every material can be broken or chipped when placed under the wrong conditions.

Typically if it's four front incisor teeth, they are made as single separate crowns. Occasionally and rarely, sometimes there are reasons to join some of them together. I am suspicious that your situation would not be one of those times.

It could be a lot of work and I am not even sure it would be cost effective, but a skilled dentist and lab team might be able to separate the four crowns and use one or replace the whole set as necessary.

I will aslo say this, I have only done something like this on two occasions in over twenty years of practice. I typically will not place another dentist's or lab's work. WHen I have done it I do charge for all of the time that it takes to accomplish this, which in your situation may be substantial.

Find the best cosmetic dentist you can now and see what else he can offer you for options.

How to Manage Broken Zirconia Crowns

I'm not sure why they made Zirconium Crowns for front teeth. They are usually NOT as esthetic. Sounds like you should start all over with a qualified Cosmetic Dentist in your home town.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Cheap foreign dentistry is a risk

It comes down to "you get what you pay for". There is no way to repair zirconium, so replacement is the only option. If they are all one piece, then they must all be taken off. In the process, the underlying tooth gets changed, so the extra crowns you have won't fit. This is a complete "do over" situation.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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