How to Fix Fang Like Cuspid/Canine Teeth? (photo)

My cuspid / canine teeth have always seemed too pointy and sharp. I have had people tell me that I have fangs. It seems like the tooth is too long. It really make me self-conscience when I smile. Also, due to my over bite, it is the first tooth to touch the bottom teeth which leaves a gap between the back teeth. What is a solution to fixing this? Can it just be grinded down?

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Canine is not the problem

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The canines are not your problem. It  is the adjacent teeth that are inset so to speak and give your canines a much more prominent appearance. Your best bet to do it the right way is to do minor orthodontics to line everything up and have a much better smile as a result instead of removing the sharp tips.

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Orthodontics would be best

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The alignment is the issue, and within about 6 months this could be fixed.  If you grind on it, be prepared to veneer or crown the teeth, as you likely will expose the sensitive dentin underneath the enamel.


While the veneer is a quicker way to go, braces/Invisalign would be better.

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