Removing Raised Moles on Your Face with Hydrogen Peroxide Good or Bad?

I tried removing a raised mole with hydrogen peroxide, it stings during and slightly post application of the peroxide, is this normal? Should I continue doing this or stop?

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Definitely not!

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I have had patients remove moles with various toxic substances, only to present at later stages with advanced skin cancer or even metastatic melanoma.  Please see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for a diagnosis, then discuss with them appropriate treatment options.

Mole removal

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I would not recommend that you use hydrogen peroxide to try to remove a mole.  Please see a board certified dermatologist or a facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation and possible treatment of your moles.

Hydrogen peroxide removal of moles is not the best way

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This is not an option that, in my opinion, should be offered to any one with the present popular scientific knowledge that we have at this moment. This will first of all, not get rid of your mole. Hydrogen peroxide could actually promote mutations that can lead to melanoma with the oxygen radical in h2o2.  The best way to remove a mole is through laser excision or surgical excision.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Removing Raised Moles on Your Face with Hydrogen Peroxide

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OMG please stop. This is a horrible, horrible, horrible idea. I have had a patient tell me they tried apple cider vinegar for a few months to remove a mole, and it "came back" so she came in. It was cancerous. Do not EVER try to remove moles yourself, at home. Would you try to perform a liver biopsy yourself? No. So get into a dermatologist and have the site checked and maybe even biopsied and sent into a lab if needed. You should NOT be doing this at home, ever.

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