Mole Removal Without Harming Hair Roots? (photo)

I've a medium sized, slightly raised on my chin. And there are roots of hair in the beard area. Is it possible to remove the mole without harming the roots? And how should it be removed?

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Mole removal and harming hair roots

Most of the time when you remove the mole it will have to entail taking away the hair roots too. The moles and the cells that form them are usually deep, deep enough that you will require removing the hair roots as well. Excision and laser removal are the best options.

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Removal of Mole without harming Hair Roots

The pigmented lesion could be removed by tangential exicision (i.e. shaved off). This would leave the hairs intact. Problem with tangential excision is that some or all of the pigmentation may return or it may return in an irregular pattern. The mole could be excised and sutured closed, but that might leave a more noticeable scar.

Best option is to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and talk about the options for repair specific for the type of mole that you have, the location of the mole and the need for removal. They can discuss the techniques, risks, benefits and alternatives to the various options. Good luck.

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