Can I Remove the Permanent Filler in my Lips?

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Can permanent filler be removed in lips?

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If you had a permanent filler injected into your lips, the only way to remove any of it would be to do so surgically.   

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Permanent Lip Filler Removal (Lip Augmentation Revision)

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Thank you for the question. It really depends on what filler was used. If it was truly permanent (e.g., silicone) then the treatment for removal is actually a lip reduction. Silicone causes inflammation and granulation tissue in the lips and can't be extracted or dissolved directly.  Fot other types of permanent lip augmentation, such as Permalip implants, these can be removed under local anesthesia. Best of luck moving forward!

Permanent Filler in Lips

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Permanent filler in lips is not always a permanent solution.  Patients can develop nodules, granulomas, uneveness, and overly large appearance of the lips.  

Lip implants are readily removed and can result in scarring of the lips.  Silicone injections of the lips typically require surgical excision to remove and reshape the lips.

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Remove lip filler

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If you had permanent lip filling with injectible rather than implanted material it would likely have been silicone or fat. Both of these can be reduced surgically but not readily. Solid implants can be removed quite easily. 

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