Is It Safe to Remove Compression Garment for a Short Time?

Is it okay to remove your compression garment long enough to wash it after surgery? I didn't think ahead enough to purchase an alternate.

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OK to remove garment to wash it

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It is routine for patients to remove their garments to shower. This is a good time to wash the garment and then put it back on. Some like to buy a second garment to wear while they are washing the other.

Wayne Plastic Surgeon
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Removing Compression Garment

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Does a Compression Garment help after Liposuction? yes it speeds the final result and may help help the skin retract better. There is no problem removing it to clean it or take a shower (ask your doctor when you can first do this).
If you have had suction of the knees, thigh, or abdomen, the doctor will have put on a compression garment at the end of the surgery. The extra pressure this garment provides helps reduce swelling and discomfort. You should not remove this garment at all until the second or third day after surgery. After that, feel free to remove the garment temporarily for laundering. We want you to have circumferential pressure for 4-6 weeks, but you may switch to an exercise garment (Lycra or Spandex) whenever it feels comfortable to slip it on or off, as you will have to do so in order to go to the bathroom. See the below link for a more fuller explanation and general advice

It should be

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It should be fine to take off your garment to wash it, but make sure you put it back on after it's been washed.

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No problem with removing garment for short periods

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Often times a patient may feel like the garment is too tight or even restricting breathing.  It is certainly fine to take off the garment for an hour or so to clean up or to let any discomfort subside. If you feel the garment is causing problems, please discuss it your surgeon. Good luck.

Ask you surgeon

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Practicially speaking, if you are using a compression garment, it is usually snug for a reason. This makes getting in and out of it difficult by yourself so surgeons will often tell you to keep it on continuously for 5-7 days and may want to change it themselves so you do not disrupt tissues while struggling with the garment. After this initial phase, the stimulus to edema subsides and the swelling generally decreases making the change of garments easier. For this reason, many surgeons allow you to come out of the garment for short periods of time during the next couple of weeks. You might even ask your surgeon how crucial the garment is after this time period. During this second phase of healing, a less snug-fitting garment that is more comfortable might suffice.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Yes, OK to remove garment for shower

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You can remove your garment long enough to shower. Once you're done, pat the incision areas dry gently and replace your garment. I also tell my patients to buy two so that they can wear one while they wash the other. Design Veronique has excellent garments that many of my patients continue to wear long after they have to. You can purchase these directly from them. Good luck.

Consider purchasing two garments prior to surgery

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It is important to first talk with your surgeon as it depends upon the areas of surgery and when your surgery took place. It is usually important to keep the garment on for the first 48 to 72 hours continuously and after a week it is probably okay. I suggest purchasing two garments so that one can be washed while the other is being worn. Most garments do best with air drying so it can take a while.

Charles Perry, MD
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Lipo garment

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I allow my patients to remove the garment a day after surgery so they can shower.  Most of them purchase two so they can always have a clean one.  You can always order a second one.

Edmond A. Zingaro, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Brief Periods Of Time Are Okay.

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It’s not unusual for surgeon’s to recommend the use of compression garments following abdominoplasty and liposuction.Although the majority of plastic surgeons recommend some type of compression, there are surgeons who don’t always recommend compression.It’s important to understand that every patient’s situation is unique and for this reason, the use of compression varies from patient to patient.
In some cases, not wearing a compression garment may have no significance.In other cases, it might be the difference between an excellent result and an average result.We generally recommend the use of compression support garments for about three weeks following surgery.Under these circumstances, it’s not unreasonable to remove them for brief periods of time to bathe.

Garmet use

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Yes, After liposuction it is ok to remove the garmet for short periods, generally 1-2 hours begining on the second day after surgery. If the garmet is too tight at other times it is ok to unzip the sides for brief periods .

I use the garment for abdominoplasties also and this helps a great deal. The same time periods for removal apply.

Walter D. Gracia, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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