Neuromas After Tummy Tuck

I've seen a pain specialist and had a nerve block to diagnose the pain I'm experiencing after Tummy Tuck. This doctor concluded that it was at least one or more neuromas. But he also said that reoperating would not be the route to go because 50% of the time it made the burning pain worse and it caused it to spread to a larger area. Has anyone seen this and/or reoperated for a neuroma? Thank you for your time.

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Neuroma surgery only after other therapy


Neuroma surgery can be difficult as it can be hard to figure out where the neuroma and the pain originate. I agree with the anesthesia pain service route (generally pain services are run by anesthesia pain specialists). Try their ablation technologies first. Hopefully these will help relieve the problem.

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Find a pain specialist who performs radiofrequency ablation.

You may want to find a pain specialist who can perform chemical neurolysis or radiofrequency ablation of your neuromas.

Surgical correction may require removing the neuroma

Often times this can be diagnosed by a local block if it is truly a neuroma. It is some other condition you may find it difficult to correct.

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