How can I remove a bulging vein under my eye? (Photo)

About six weeks ago I developed a small spot under my eye. It didn't occur after an injection or trauma that I'm aware of. It is below the surface, feels hard and spherical, like a tiny marble, and if I pull the skin on top to see it better, the color is blue like deoxygenated blood. It hasn't gotten bigger or smaller in the past month. How can I get rid of it? Also, I plan to have fractional laser treatment under my eyes in a few weeks. Should they avoid that spot?

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Several options

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If this is a vein then there are several options for treatment including removal through a microincision, sclerotherapy, laser, micro needle radiofrequency or ohmic thermolysis.  It is difficult to tell from the photo what the hard area is and this would be unusual to be a vein.  You should see a vein specialist who can answer your questions, make the diagnosis and determine if fraxel if right for you.

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Varicose Veins of the Eye

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Interesting that you ask - in a couple of days you will see a video clip uploaded to my website from a segment on the Doctors TV Show where a vein specialist (Dr Raffy Karamanoukian - my brother) showed how he does this procedure on a patient. You can contact Dr Raffy through his RealSelf page or go to his website at 

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