Many broken capillaries in vertical breast lift scar. Can sclerotherapy help? I have arab skin, am poor laser candidate (Photo)

When I press on vertical scar with my fingers, redness goes away and I see a white scar. had bad reactions to absorbable sutures which resulted in a partial scar revision on my breast lift but I decided to keep the vertical scar because it was not raised or thick just red. I planned on laser but Am 2 prone 2 PIH w/Mid East skin type wondering if schlerotherpay will help I can see a reticular vein in my left breast. had partial rev on horizontal scar only. 4 mth post op vertical scars.

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Sclerotherapy for reticular veins on the breast

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Sclerotherapy with STS or Polidochanol is quite successful for reticular veins and small varocose veins on the breasts. It may require more than 1 treatment. Scar Serum from Kare Skin can also help heal wounds. Also some creams like Melarase can help reduce the pigmentation also available from the same site. 

Sclerotherapy works well on breast veins.

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Sclerotherapy will work well on the blue reticular vein in your breast but it will do nothing for the scar.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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