My front tooth chipped! Would getting it fixed be painful? (Photo)

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Chipped Tooth

Repairing the tooth should be less painful than being seen in public the way it is now.The bigger concern is how and why this happened, so as to prevent another chip.Do you grind your teeth day or night time?Is your bite too heavy on your front teeth?Do you have cavities often - we want to educate you on proper brushing and flossing techniquesas well as discussing what you eat and drink that may be promoting decay.Was this a one-time traumatic event - car accident, sports injury, etc.

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Pain and Tooth Bonding

Hi from Reedley, CA!  You have chipped a front tooth and you need to have it bonded. There is no pain when you have your tooth bonded. You need to have this done as soon as possible and make sure you ask your dentist if there was a reason your tooth chipped.  If you were trying to open something with your teeth, different story! However, ask the dentist if your bite is off or if your teeth show wear from grinding.  You possibly might need a bite guard.  Remember!  NO pain!  Get the tooth bonded so you can have your smile back!

Vachik Danoukh, DMD
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Chipped front tooth

The chip can be fixed relatively easily with a dental bonding. If this is an old bonding that has chipped again, your dentist might recommend a porcelain veneer which is stronger and more long-lasting than a bonding. There is minimal discomfort with these procedures. Please make sure to see your dentist as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Rachana Vora, DMD
Arlington Dentist
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This looks like a minor repair so discomfort should be minimal. I do suggest getting to the dentist ASAP before more tooth chips off. 

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