IPL to Reduce Dark Circles? (photo)

I'm 20 years old and have had dark circles for as long as I can remember and they knock my confidence to pieces at times, my parents do have them so from my understanding it's hereditary though they both didn't develop them until their late 30's. I was wondering about IPL treatment as I've heard some good results from it and it's a cheaper option than other treatment.

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Dark circles under eyes

IPL will not do anything for the dark circles under your eyes.  You may be a better off with using a filler, like Juvederm or Restylane.  

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Barking up the wrong tree.

IPL will not help your dark circles.  The darkness is caused by thin eyelid skin and dark red muscle that is just under the think skin.  No laser treatment will really change this.  The solution that makes the most difference is altering the way light appears on skin.  This can be done as simply as using concealer ( photoshop in a bottle) but men often do not use make up.  Increasingly under eye fillers have been extremely effective in make a profound difference in the under eye area.

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