Possible to Have Additional Liposuction in Same Spot 5 Months Later?

I had liposuction done on Jan 2010, for my back abdomen and waist, I want to re do it again for my back only as it still has some fat although I lost around 10 kg after the surgery, having also breast reduction at the same day, so is it safe to re do the liposuction in the same area after 5 months?

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Secondary liposuction

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You should give the body maximal time to develop the most retraction of the skin after liposuction and allow for the swelling to go down before considering repeat liposuction. There may be improvement up to six months or more after liposuction so most would be encouraged to wait six months.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Touch-up liposuction

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Touch-up liposuction is certainly an option after not being completely satisfied with the original procedure.  I would give it a full 6 months or possible longer to re-evaluate the area because of residual swelling that may persist.

"Touch Up" Liposuction

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The need for a touch up liposuction is Best determined one all swelling is gone and the skin and fat are soft and freely moving. As long as there is any swelling it may over-state the degree of correction needed. While different people heal differently, I would wait at least 6 months or so before having it done.

One more point. The technique of liposuction has NOTHING to do with the need for touch ups. The surgeon brain, experience and artistic sense will determine the outcome. I commonly see results of substandard liposuction which were done under local anesthesia by non-Plastic surgeons come to my office for revision. Pick your surgeon carefully and if it sounds like hype - it is.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction can be repeated

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Occasionally, areas of the body that were previously liposuctioned may need a touch-up.  This can most likely take place 6-8 months after the first liposuction to allow the tissues to heal and for the swelling to resolve.  So, I would wait several more weeks before re-treating the same areas.  However, when it comes to liposuction it's better to take off less and come back another time than to overdo it the first time.

Touch up liposuctions can be done 4 months later if needed.

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Touch up liposuctions are very common when lipo is done under general anesthesia and with the old traditional method of liposuction.  They can be done at the 4 month period since your doc will have a good idea by 4 months what will continue to smooth out and what needs more work to be done.  Expect to pay for the op room at least for your touch up.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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