5 weeks post op, I have redness and pain on my interior thighs after Liposuction. Is this normal? (photo)

I had lipo and a tummy tuck on 4/10. Lipo to flanks, outer thighs and inner thighs. lipo sites were sutured closed. Need to note that my compression garment was extremely tight. At my first post op visit my legs had red, warm, and painful patches to inner thighs. Was placed on several rounds of antibiotics, culture negative. 5 weeks later, and areas have not improved and are still sore. The color has now changed to a darker red/brown. Any ideas what this is? PS states has never seen this

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Skin changes may be the result of ultrasonic or laser assisted liposuction.

The redness of the skin is worrisome. It would be interesting to know if the liposuction you had was assisted by ultrasound or by the laser. The heat from these devices can damage the skin.

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Redness and pain 5 weeks after liposuction

Thank you for your liposuction question.

  • This is unusual and suggests either skin damage from the liposuction technique causing a burn of the under-surface of the skin
  • Or a chronic infection.
  • It isn't possible to diagnose on-line,
  • A thorough history and physical examination is needed,
  • The area looks red in the photo
  • But brown discoloration suggests post-traumatic hyperpigmentation.
  • If the redness and pain are worsening, I am more concerned than if it is slowly improving.
  • If your surgeon is baffled, ask for a referral, for instance an infectious disease specialist or dermatologist. 
Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Redness and Pain Post Liposuction

I would suggest getting a second opinion, you may need a skin biopsy to see if there is something going on deeper.  It is hard to tell if this is a dermal/subcutaneous, epidermis, or lymphatic issue.   Laser could be a reason for this complication if it was used during the procedure.  I hope you can the appropriate treatment. I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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