Punch Biopsy Healing. Scar is Bigger Than the Mole Itself, 2 Months Post Op?

had a punch biopsy 2mths ago everything normal. i now have a scar that is bigger than the mole it's self and is purple. I just purchased silicone not the sheets but liquid. I guess it didnt heal right. dont know if it didnt heal correctly since it was on my stomach and in a bad place. but what can i do.

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Scar is bigger than the mole removed

Well, yes, the scar is bigger because the punch biopsy (or excision in some cases) has to go around the mole, so it will be bigger than it. Otherwise, you'll be left with random fragments of the mole on the border. Personally, I rarely do punch biopsies and much prefer a shave excision where just the layer of the mole and bit under it is removed, but some physicians simply prefer punch biopsies for the larger margins. It sounds like your site probably scarred over because of post care. When doing any type of removals it's essential to keep the area clean, moist!, and not let scabs form. Basically scabs=scars. You could see your physician again for a scar revision consultation.

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Scars are permanent, they do improve with time. The red color will improve. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen.

Consider consulting a board certified plastic surgeon, to decrease the size of the scar.

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