Can I Go to My Family Doctor For Facial Mole Removal?

Okay, I have this Mole on my face, And its not really big, It dosent poke out alot but it kinda does a little. But I want that Mole OFF. I am trying the ACV home remedy and so far, Nothing is working... So I REALLY dont want it to be cut out of my face. Do they freeze it off. Cause I dont want this to be Painful! And can I go to my Family Doctor to get a mole frozen off? Or do I have to go somewhere else? Please Help! Thanks,

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Facial mole removal

Depending on their size and location, facial moles can be easily removed by one of two methods. One is a "shave excision" where the mole is actually "shaved off" at a level just below the surface of the skin. The other is an excision with suture closure which uses both dissolving and non-dissolving sutures to give the best cosmetic result. All methods of surgery will leave a scar but the trick is to minimize the scar using the proper technique. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon would give you your best chance for a minimal scar.

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Go to your family doc for mole removal if you just don't care what the scar will look like.

Moles need to be evaluated at least clinically by a dermatologist and then decide on how to remove it the best most effective method. General plastic docs and facial plastic docs can remove moles by excision and can do a good job of it but most lesions are probably not true moles and can be curretted off etc...without the scarring of excising the mole but only a dermatologist will be able to tell you for sure. I've saved thousands of patients from scarring by removing skin lesions without scars since most did not need to be cut out. Sincerely,

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Family Doctor for a Mole?

The answer is that you can go to a Family Doctor for a mole, but why would you?  If I had a mole to be removed on my face, I would go and see a Facial Plastic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, or Dermatologist for the obvious reasons of superior expertise and skill.

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