Would You Recommend IPL for Patients with Perioral Dermatitis? (photo)

My Perioral Dermatitis is not inflamed at the moment, but I have to be very careful with any products/medications that I apply to my chin. I have brown spots on my face and I am thinking about having IPL treatments. My chin is almost always red and I thought it might take some of the redness out.

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IPL and Perioral Dermatitis

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It is acceptable to have IPL if you have perioral dermatitis. Perioral dermatitis is related to rosacea and makes the skin very red, inflammed, itchy, irritated, and sensitive. You need to make sure you see an office that understands how to treat extreme rosacea - not just a random med spa please! I have used IPL on people with perioral dermatitis and seen great improvements. I'd also recommend you use a prescription hydrocortisone and switch to a natural toothpaste - like Tom's. Most people with perioral dermatitis get flare ups from fluoride toothpastes, so avoid those.

IPL in perioral dermatitis

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Perioral dermatitis is viewed as a variant of rosacea.  IPL is commonly performed for treatment of redness associated with rosacea without problems.  So I believe it would be safe to undergo IPL if you have stable perioral dermatitis.  You may see reduction of the redness of your chin and it should reduce your hyperpigmentation as well. Since you do have these skin issues I would recommend having your IPL performed at a board-certified dermatologist's office in order to gain the most effective management for both your cosmetic and medical concerns.

IPL will help your red/brown discoloration

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IPL would be a good treatment for persistent redness and sunspots.  It is fine to do if you have a history of perioral dermatitis.  It doesn't look like your perioral dermatitis is active right now.  I doubt the IPL would flare it, and it will likely take away the red and brown discolorations in your skin.  

Perioral dermatitis almost always responds to minocycline orally if it flares. I always recommend that patients with perioral dermatitis avoid topical steroids completely on the face, they just cause a rebound flare of the rash when you stop the steroid.  Good luck.  

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IPL for perioral dermatitis

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IPL would be an appropriate treatment for your brown spots as well as the redness on your chin.  You should have treatment with a dermatologist who can also treat your perioral dermatitis if it flares.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

IPL... Reddness around mouth...

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Yes, this is absolutely acceptable.  You should also be treated with prescription medications for this skin issue as well.  Be sure you are being treated by an experienced provider.

Hope this helps.

 Dr. Grant Stevens

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