How Do I Recognize Real Latisse from Fakes?

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Buy it from a dermatologist or plastic surgery office

If you buy Latisse from a dermatologist or plastic surgery office, and it says "latisse" from a company called Allergan, you can be confident you are getting the real deal.  Good luck!

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Real Latisse vs. Fake Imitations

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Latisse if FDA approved and only distributed through physicians.  Make sure you get the product from a doctor's office and it should say "Latisse" by Allergan on the box.  Anything else is a reproduction.

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Latisse versus fakes

Latisse is a medication that is distributed by Allergan.  Since it is a medication it can only be dispensed by a physician or as a written prescription through a pharmacy.  In the United States if you are purchasing through a reputable physicians office or pharmacy you should not have any problems.  It is when you try to purchasing online or from out of the country when you start to encounter "knock offs."  Another indication as to whether it is legitimate is whether the lot number allows you points in the Allergan Brilliant Distinction program.  You can always call the pharmaceutical company to confirm if the product is authentic when in doubt. 

Lee Robinson, MD - RETIRED
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Authentic Latisse

In order to ensure you are receiving authentic, FDA-approved Latisse distributed by its company, Allergan, you need to receive it from a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon's office. In some states, such as Texas, physicians are unable to distribute presciption medications unless a pharmacist is on staff at their office. In these cases, a patient will receive a precription for Latisse to be taken to a reputable pharmacy for the Latisse to be filled.

Jennifer Peterson, MD
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How to Know You Are Buying the Real Latisse

It's amazing how many fake products there are these days that are brought into the US from other countries. There are two things to be aware of to help in your decision of where to purchase Latisse:

1. If the price is "too good to be true", you probably are correct.

2. Make certain you are buying from a known, reputable physician's office or pharmacy and that the product you are buying is from Allergan, the manufacturer of Latisse.


Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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How to recognize real Latisse from fakes

Latisse is a prescription medication for eyelash growth, so it can only be obtained from a medical facility. It is manufactured by Allergan, and no other company has the rights to the active ingredient so anything else is a fake. Latisse is the only product that is FDA-cleared to claim that it produces longer, darker, and fuller lashes, so anything else is just fancy mascara.

Richard Baxter, MD
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