How Many Times a Week Should I Use Latisse and for How Long?

I´ve been using latisse for about 3 months now, i stopped using it daily because i felt my lashes were falling off. Now they are not as long as they were. Am i using the product wrong?

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How long to use Latisse

We are curious whether or not there was a link with Latisse and your belief that the product caused your lashes to fall out.  You may want to discuss this with the prescribing physician to determine if you are using and applying the product correctly and whether or not there are other factors involved.

With regards to length of time before reaching optimal results - the suggestion of 8 weeks is not a good benchmark for many as it is not unusual to require 12 or more weeks.  The challenge is to not give up during this very long time span waiting to see results as you may miss the window of opportunity to capture or treat the eyelashes in their growth phase. 

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Use it every day until you achieve results you want, then reduce every-other-day

I suggest you use Latisse every day until you achieve the results you want, then you can reduce to every-other-day to maintain.

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Latisse should be used every day for the first 8 weeks and then may be switched to a maintenance schedule of 3 times a week.  You can tailor this further to your needs -if you notice that it isn't as full then use it more or alternatively, less often to maintain the fullness of your new lashes.

Keshini Parbhu, MD
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Proper use of Latisse

Latisse should be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once daily for at least 8 weeks.  The full effect of Latisse may take up to 16 weeks.  Once you have reached the desired length and fullness of your lashes, you can change to a maintenance regimen one to three times a week to keep that desired effect (your physician should be able to help guide this process).  When used properly, most of my patients have had great results.

Alison Stallings, MD
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How to Properly Use Latisse

Latisse is applied daily with a disposable brush which is included with product. Latisse is gently applied along the base of the upper eyelashes. After three or four months, Latisse can be used much less frequently to maintain longer, thicker lashes. There are approximately 100 to 150 eyelashes on each upper eyelid. The growth of eyelashes is cyclical, going through 3 stages: a growth phase, a transition phase, and a resting phase. At any given time, numerous hair follicles can be found in each of the different stages. The growth phase of an average eyelash hair is approximately 1 to 2 months. Latisse has been shown to increase the amount of time each eyelash hair remains in the growing phase. The application of Latisse has also been scientifically proven to increase the thickness of eyelash hair as well as the darkness of each hair. This is most likely due to an increased production of pigment within each hair follicle. Typically, within 4 months of application, Latisse can increase the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes and improve all the traits that are associated with greater prominence and overall attractiveness of the eyelashes.

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Using Latisse Daily

Hi Orange Patty,

For the best results Latisse should be applied to the top lash line every day. It usually takes about 8 weeks to see results but it can take up to 12 weeks to work. Using it consistently is very important. My Office Manager used it when it first came out and didn't see any results because she was only applying it two or three times a week. When she used it daily she saw a tremendous result and is now a huge believer.

Your best bet is to keep applying it once a day and just be patient. Our patients have had great results with it.

John Diaz, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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