How Much Latisse is There in Each Bottle?

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How much Latisse in the bottle?

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The bottle of Latisse is a 3 ml bottle that usually lasts patients 1-2 months with nightly application to the upper eyelids.  Do not overuse the product.

Most patients re-use the brushes so that they don't run out.

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How Much Latisse in a Bottle

There is a 3 mL bottle of Latisse in each prescription. Used sparingly, a bottle should last from one to two months. Allergan, the makers of Latisse, is currently offering a $40 rebates with the purchase of each bottle of Latisse.

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How much Latisse is in a bottle?

One bottle of Latisse is said to contain about 80-100 drops.  (more drops than applicators)  Most patients do not throw away the brushes after each use.  This tends to conserve not only brushes but Latisse solution as well.  Most patients get 6-7 weeks of once daily treatment from a bottle.  Latisse should only be used on the upper eyelids, not the lower.

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Latisse and how much is in a bottle

Latisse comes in a 3 ml bottle with 60 applicators.  This is enough for a one month supply to treat all four eyelids.  Allergan, the manufacturer of Latisse is presently running a discounted promotion on the product.  For more information please call my office (408) 356-4241 or visit  My staff can help answer any further questions - they all use the product!

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