How Long Can You Use Latisse if It is Expired?

I got latisse, in bulk since i was moving out of the town, but it expired of Aug of 2010, How long can i use latisse after expiration ? i have 5 bottles left.

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Using Latisse After it Has Expired

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Many medications are actually still quite effective long after their expiration date. The dates are usually there because of FDA requirements. If you're using a product after its expiration date and it seems to have less effect then it's time to replace it. Other risks, such as infection, would be very unlikely. Therefore, with medications such as Latisse I always recommend using the product for quite some time after it expires because it is likely to still be just as effective. It's too expensive to just throw it away.


How long can you use Latisse after expiration

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 As a doctor, we should not be advising people to take expired medications and I would advise you to buy new Latisse. No one can really ensure how efficaceous the medication is after the expiration date.  Why?  The conditions with which the medication Often, medications are still good for a variable period of time, so if you want to try, it is possible that the medication is still active.

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Expiratin of Latisse

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Thank you for your question.  Medication bottles (including Latisse) have expiration dates on the bottles.  Although the product may still be effective after the expiration date, I  would probably want you to get new bottles of Latisse that were not expired.  


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