Where can fillers be injected to fix/adjust a concave face profile? (photo)

I have a dominant chin and my forehead and nose are pretty flat from a side view. Took a few profile photos since I wasn't sure on the angle.

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Fillers--Producing volume in hollowing facial features

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By the side profile given in the pictures you submitted I suggest consulting with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in dermal fillers and injectables. Kybella as a fat reduction injectable for the double chin, creates more of a symmetric look and aesthetically appealing contour to the face. Voluma XC and Radiesse are also great options for a lift of the malar: or in other words (cheekbones). Used to balance the structure of your bone without undergoing plastic surgery and facial bone reconstruction procedures. Best Regards, Dr. Berger

Changing your lateral profile

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The photos provided appear to show that your face is well volumized (full). To improve your profile and give you a more convex profile, I would suggest moving your chin back slightly (this is called a reduction genioplasty) and either submental (below the chin) liposuction or Kybella to remove the double chin. The procedures can be performed at the same time and in the office under light intravenous sedation. There is no incision in the skin for moving the chin (inside the mouth) and the recovery is usually about 5 days due to swelling. This would give you a less dominant chin and a nice feminine profile.

Malar cheek, cheek bones and mid face volume

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I agree, your malar cheek, ie. Cheek bones and mid facial volume can be enhanced. I like a multi-layered approach with Juvederm Voluma forming the foundations, and Volift on top. This will give you a better 3D outlook, and cheek projection. All the bestDr Davin LimBrisbane, Australia. 

Adjusting your facial profile

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Your forhead and chin are fine in my opinion and if you'd like to improve your profile adding filler to your upper outer and mid cheek in a deeper area will give the flatness you complain about a softer look. The upper cheek and especially in a flatter profile the mid cheek (the area an inch or so below your lower eyelashes in line with your pupil) benefit from volume to help balance the facial features. Check out the Y Lift website to see the type of results that I feel would benefit you. 

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