Skin graft or fat fillers to hide my sacral dimple for a more aesthetically pleasing look? (photos)

I was born with a sacral dimple and a birth mark on the bottom of my back and just above the crease of my bottom. I have had no physical problems related to this all my life. These make me feel very self-conscious though. I am considering cosmetic surgery, but need to know what procedures would be involved so I can work out the costs. What do you think? Would a skin graft or fillers be enough? Thank you.

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it depends what you want. Far will last longer but you will need to harvest if from another site on the body and it's not as predictable as using hyaluronic acid dermal filler. Also these procedures won't affect the colour if there is a skin discolouration issue. I would use laser for this. It's easier to use dermal filler rather than fat in my opinion and more predictable.

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